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Kilo 850 Rangefinder

The sig sauer Kilo 850 rangefinder is a sterling substitute for admirers digging for a high-quality rangefinder, it is an 4 x20 digital laser rangefinder that offers outstanding features and performance. With an intuitive interface and a six-position sun shoe finder, the Kilo 850 is practical for use with a range or larger.

Kilo 850 Rangefinder Amazon

The sig sauer Kilo 850 rangefinder is a first rate choice to get a little closer to your target, with an 4 x20 digital rangefinder, it can range from 0 to 500 yards. Additionally, it extends a manual focus way and a sanctions-leveled lens, it provides an 20 yard line of 2 kg resolution and is straightforward to operate because it imparts a standard lifesavers interface. The rangefinder also grants a night usage mode and is unequaled for use in the outdoors, it is able to operat at 4 x20 calls and extends a c-shaped eyepiece for comfortable view. The range is able to include up to 100 yards, making it an ideal way for precision mapping or precision target shooting, it imparts an 20 yard range, so it can help you take fire with your rifle in battle. This rangefinder is furthermore water resistant, so you can take it inside of water bottles too.