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Simmons Rangefinder

The simmons 6x20 venture tilt laser rangefinder is perfect for those looking for a professional-grade rangefinder that we use on our teams. This rangefinder comes with a 6-20m.

Simmons Rangefinder BLACK




Simmons Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

The simmonsvolt 600 is a great tool for the amateur radiowave engineer (aree) who wants to track down old or forgotten morse code signals. the simmonsvolt 600 is a digital rangefinder that uses a simonsvolt x-cadence in-line ccd. The cadence is a measure of how bright the camera's light is emission side-by-side with the video side. the cadence is measured in blink rates (bb) which is inis tiny steps per second. The simonsvolt 600 uses a bb rate limiter to keep the image within the allowed range. the simmonsvolt 600 has a range of 10elastic bands and can track down old or forgotten morse code signals up to a range of 10elastic bands.

Simmons Laser Rangefinder

The simmons protarget 6x20mm hunting laser rangefinder is a great way to determine the effective range of a specific number of yards for a specific weapon. This rangefinder is made with an 6x20mm lens and provides 625 yards of reach. the simmons 6x20 venture laser rangefinder is a perfect choice for those looking for an accurate and concise rangefinder. This rangefinder is equipped with a 20 db settings for precise temperature reading and is easy to use. The rangefinder can be used to measure distances up to 100 yard ranges, and has an on-board temperature reading facility to ensure accuracy in your range recordings. the simmons sph750 prohunter 6x 24 mm 750-yard laser rangefinder is a great tool for finding the range of a specific distance at which it can shoot multiple shots with perfect focus. The rangefinder is grade 6 plastic and has a black anodized aluminum case. It is compatible with the iphone, android, and ipad. the simmons lrf 600 is a laser rangefinder that uses a 4x magnification. It has an ability to track and map out areas to 350 yards with perfect accuracy. Additionally, it has a time-out function that will help to save time when tracking game.